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    Primar's philosophy is to provide our customers with environmentally sound solutions for water filtration needs while continually striving to maintain the highest possible level of product quality and customer service at a reasonable price.

    What We Do

    Primar Filtration is a provider of Ceramic Materials and Technologies for highly technical end use applications. Primar's focus is in Porous Ceramics for filtering almost any liquid media to the highest possible purity levels. 


    Primar Filtration was founded in 1994 by John T. Long, a native of the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. John developed and patented Primar Filtration's "Shredder" filter designed to effectively screen out Zebra Mussel veligers on residential water intake lines in homes and cottages throughout the Finger Lakes and Lake Champlain regions of the United States as well as in Ontario, Canada. To date, thousands of filters have been purchased by a like number of satisfied customers.

    "100% Environmentally Safe."

    The Perks

    Biologically Effective

    Approaches to control Zebra Mussel (Dreiss zebra mussel filter ena spp.) bi-fouling in raw water systems can be broadly categorized as either chemical, physical, or biological. No biological methodology has proven to be effective, may be limited by present and/or future environmental regulations. Small water withdrawers, such as cottage owners, will probably not be able to obtain permits to inject a chemical, such as chlorine, at the intake to keep the intake-line mussel free. Back flushing with chemicals is also not permitted. An environmentally-benign, low maintenance alternative is to install, at the intake, a filter with uniform-sized small openings that would exclude the planktonic Zebra Mussel life forms commonly referred to as Veligers.

    Zebra muscle 1 year build up

    Satisfied Customers


    Since 1994, Primar Filtration's patented "Shredder” filter has been effectively protecting against Zebra Mussel infestation in homes and cottages throughout the Finger Lakes and Lake Champlain regions of the United States as well as in Ontario, Canada. To date, over a thousand filters have been purchased by a like number of very satisfied customers.


    The "Shredder's" unique replaceable filter cartridge design allows for uninterrupted and low-cost protection of your entire water system. Annual replacement of the filter cartridges ensures maximum efficiency while keeping maintenance costs to a bare minimum. In addition, because Primar Filtration's "Shredder" are installed at the offshore end of the water intake, Zebra Mussels are prevented from ever entering the water system. This totally eliminates the costly repairs and expensive cleaning often required once Zebra Mussels have attached themselves and colonized the household plumbing.

    System Compadable

    Developing a filter that can effectively screen out Zebra Mussel “Veligers” solves only part of the problem. A filter that places too much demand on a system's pump, not only will cause a decrease in water volume and pressure but also can often lead to serious and expensive damage to the pump. To resolve this problem, Primar Filtration has worked closely with GOULDS Pumps, an industry leader with a nationwide reputation for manufacturing quality pumps. As a result of this team effort, extensive water flow tests on our filters have been conducted by GOULDS with the finding that each filter can easily accommodate a minimum flow rate of 80 gallons per minute and not be effected by strong system back-flushing.

    The Zebra Mussel

    Dreissena Polymorpha

    Commonly known as Zebra Mussels, Dreissena Polymorpha are indigenous to Europe and, prior to 1988, were unknown in the waters of the United States and Canada. It is theorized a foreign ship emptying its ballast introduced the Zebra Mussels to the waters of Lake St. Clair from which they spread into the Great Lakes and have gone as far as the Ohio and Tennessee River systems.


    Biologists believe the Zebra Mussel ultimately will infect most areas South of Central Canada and North of the Florida Panhandle, from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts. Prolific breeders, a single female Zebra Mussel may lay some ten thousand to two million eggs per year. Zebra Mussels are extremely hardy, have few natural predators and can survive out of water for substantial periods of time.

    The Effect

    Both shallow and deep intakes are affected since Zebra Mussels generally colonize from two feet of the water surface to depths of 200 feet or more. In the settling stage they are visible to the eye and possess visceral threads, known as busses, which cling to or attach to almost any solid stationary surface in areas having low velocity currents, e.g. Iess than approximately seven feet per second. They can attach to a variety of surfaces including Metal, Concrete, Plastic and Teflon. They attempt to attach or connect to such surfaces and can colonize residential pipes and other intake systems, blocking the free flow of water. They have been known to form into mats or clumps up to five inches thick.

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